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Konn3ct is an enterprise solution with features and management modules that makes it suitable for highly structured and sequenced environments.



Konn3ct is the first fully featured web-conferencing solution developed in Nigeria and Africa.
This gives konn3ct the pioneer status and puts Nigeria in the leadership role we have always provided on the continent.
This leadership statement is best proven with konn3ct’s adoption by large corporates and governmental institutions,
and its commercial success. This gives the technological edge to every African country as well as her people to thrive on

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Konn3ct is technically a suite of web-conferencing solutions that cover a range of applications used for meetings, conferences, webinars, rooms, live-classroom, syndicate events, remote cinema etc. konn3ct is a fusion of all these applications that is accessible from free plans that allows 100 participants for 60 minutes and paid plans for more features.

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